Prometeo (IT)

Prometeo-LogoThe Cooperativa Sociale Prometeo Onlus is an organisation accredited by the Region of Apulia for the provision of social and educational services.
Since 1997, the organisation has been active in the territory of the Province of BAT (Barletta-Andria-Trani) operating through social inclusion projects aimed at targets at risk of marginalisation and people with fragility.
Today, the Cooperativa Prometeo Onlus is a social enterprise that manages educational institutions through the application of innovative learning models in educational environments.

Management, various training settings, Adult Education, training service for Younger Adults, training in the third sector
As the body in charge of providing education services, the Cooperativa Prometeo Onlus works on various training and education projects also through an affiliated body called I.FOR PROMETEO PUGLIA (Istituto di Formazione Prometeo Puglia) – managing various services including :

  • Management of Montessori-oriented nurseries
  • Management of services for work orientation, employability and matching of supply and demand
  • Management of training services – for NEETs
  • Management of training services for young people with school drop-out problems
  • Management of training services – targeting low-income, problems with justice, immigration, and low literacy.

Prometeo as a Training Institute (IFOR PROMETEO) is also accredited as a recognised third sector body, regularly recognised by the Italian Republic.

In over twenty years of activity, Prometeo has directed its training work with a particular focus on technologies and the certification of skills related to them.

Today, the organisation is an EiPass (European Informatics Passport) accredited centre that provides certificates of IT skills valid nationally and internationally.

The non-profit organisation has a large network of partners with whom educational projects are developed, and in 2020 it also became the Didactic Pole of the telematic university Unitelma Sapieza Roma, the historical Italian university with which projects of university didactics, training, and mutual collaboration in the educational sphere related to the world of work are developed.

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Responsible project manager: Pasquale Venditti