Brainlog (DK)

BrainLog offers project creation and development consulting, assisting businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors from private, governmental, and non-profit organizations to create, apply and receive funding for their projects in Denmark. The organisation provides strategic advice and project development solutions, as well as project supervising support.

E-learning. Education. Innovation. Digital Solutions, Career Guidance. Entrepreneurship, Diversity management. Social & professional inclusion
BrainLog is directly involved in all levels of project creation, application, and development. Moreover, every element of our project development and supervision approach is focused on achieving one goal: optimizing the potential and achieving all
objectives of the project.

BrainLog is focused on a results-driven process for analysing business attitudes on taking responsibility for the consequences of its activities on social, ecological, and economic fronts and supporting companies that offer CSR services.

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Responsible project manager: Diyana Todorova