About Flipped Learning 3.0

The Flipped Learning 3.0 Framework is an innovative approach to education that has gained increasing popularity recently. It is a new way of thinking about teaching and learning that is designed to improve student outcomes and enhance the learning experience. The framework is based on the idea that students can be more actively engaged in their own learning if they are provided the opportunity to engage with educational content outside the traditional classroom setting. Core concept The core concept of …

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DigiComPass Webpage screenshot

Webpage launched

The webpage was implemented, launched, and published in January 2023. This process was the follow-up of intensive preparation work. The process started with a target group analysis, followed by selecting a well-fitting page template. The following steps were the development of the basic structure of the webpage, followed by the technical implementation. About the webpage The webpage should address the target group and inform them about the project. The target group is informed about the project through several activities. Technical background …

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Project launched

The project “DigiComPass” was launched in December 2022. After intensive preparatory work (from September to November), the project team met for the first time on 1 December for a Zoom-based meeting. People from all partners attended this meeting. The meeting served to prepare the kick-off meeting, which is planned for January 2023 and will take place in Wiener Neustadt (Austria).   After the first welcome, the partners presented themselves and gave a brief introduction about the organisation and their focus. …

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