Webpage launched

The webpage was implemented, launched, and published in January 2023. This process was the follow-up of intensive preparation work. The process started with a target group analysis, followed by selecting a well-fitting page template. The following steps were the development of the basic structure of the webpage, followed by the technical implementation.

About the webpage

The webpage should address the target group and inform them about the project. The target group is informed about the project through several activities.

Technical background of the page 

  • Based on WordPress
  • Using several plugins to make on the one hand the content more attractive and on the other hand to care for a good structure and overview
  • The webpage provides content in the language of the partner countries.
  • The webpage used multimedia-based content. This covers infographics, interactive presentations, interactive content, videos, and other stuff. The project team uses material and outcomes developed in former Erasmus+ projects.
DigiComPass Webpage screenshot

Screenshot of the DigiComPass Webpage launched in January 2023 (taken from the draft in January 2023).


The webpage will be maintained by the responsible editors of the partners. Each partner has a minimum of one person in charge to develop the webpage and to care for interesting posts to inform the audience about the project’s progress as well as about the developed content and material.

Learning Platform

A Moodle-based learning platform enhances the website of the project. The learning platform will provide the developed courses.
After the first review of the training courses, the webpage will be connected with the various modules of the Moodle platform (this is planned for being of 2024).

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